Community Pavilion & Dock Rules

Please abide by the CRBCA Rules and Regulations 
for use of the community park and boat ramp.

ShoreRivers.Org Link for Weekly Water Testing Results.  Closest sample taken at the Jackson Creek Landing park. Visit website here.

Pavilion Rental Agreement Form here.

Boat Trailer Stickers and Ramp Lock Key:
 A special Key will open the ramp lock.
 A copy of the trailer registration is mandatory and will be necessary to obtain a sticker and Ramp Key. 

Ramp access must be applied for by a property owner. For an additional $10 added to the HOA Dues, a property owner in good standing may apply for a ramp key. 
Replacement cost for Boat Trailer Sticker or Ramp Key is $50.00 and will be charged if it is lost or stolen.

You will receive:
One Key (opens ramp gate),
One Trailer Sticker
One Parking Permit will be issued per property owner.   
Replacement charge will be $50.00 for parking permit, gate access key or trailer key that is lost.

Trailer sticker must be attached to the registered trailer for the appropriate year, for the trailer authorized by the CRBCA.   
Failure to abide by this will result in privileges being revoked for the current year and the following year.  

Boat Slip Rentals:

Boat Slips are available at an annual fee $150.00 minimum, costs per foot can be found on the Boat Slip Application.  Contact a Board member for an application or go to our community website to download an application. Only property owners with accounts in good standing can rent slips. 
Boats must adhere a current year CRBCA Boater decal on the 'port side Windshield or portside gunwale. No other unmarked boats are permitted to dock at the community pier.   
Apply for a Boat Slip here.

General Community Park and Boat Ramp Rules:

Only homeowners and their guest are allowed to use the community boat ramp (with homeowners registered trailer with CRBCA sticker) or park.

Failure to do so will be grounds for homeowner privileges to be revoked. 

Boat Launching Tips and other Information:

Please note that the ramp should not be used during low tide, there is not enough  water to launch, as there is a significant drop off just past the ramp.   

Please stay to the left of the Green Buoy marker to stay in the channel.   Stay 100 feet away from shoreline.

MD Law, stay at least 100 feet from any shoreline or other vessel.
Must display a Maryland PWC regulations sticker 
Check Tide Finder online for daily tide information 


Personal Watercraft Including Jet Skis 

Important facts about personal watercraft:
Must be 16 years old.

Maintain 6 knots or slower within 100 feet of another PWC, vessel, shore, pier, piling, bridge structure, abutment or people in the water 


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